Well hello and if you are considering making a donation of any kind it will be so very much appreciated. In future I would consider having some kind of reward system perhaps but for now I will say thank you for any and all contributions. Someday we may also set up donations in the form of services like taxiing someone without a car to an appointment or books and CD’s for my Mirthwalk library or a healing tools trade situation.

Fundraising Salons:

Immediately, I would very much appreciate Fundraising Salon hosts. A salon is an old concept where folk were invited to a private home to visit and hear a concert. I enjoyed writing an article about house concerts for In The Hills in the winter of 2011. There are many such events happening in so many communities all over Canada and the United States and they are such a lovely event for friends and community and are vehicles for the support of local music (as well as art – if you’re inclined to hang an artist on the day as well). It will be my pleasure to entertain your friends while you dine and visit and someday if other musicians care to participate they will as well.

There is plenty of flexibility around the salon concept. You could have a Dessert Salon one evening and provide coffee and tea and ask folk to bring a dessert (hoping some would be healthy alternatives) or you could do a Dinner and a Concert Salon and everyone could bring a dish and a drink, just like other dinner parties you might host or perhaps you’d just like to do a simple Sunday Afternoon Snack Salon where folk could bring a little something to contribute to a snack table.

A note in the invite would suggest a $20 contribution for Mirthwalk. Please let me know if you think you’d like to host a salon and I will mark the date on my calendar.

contact info – or through this site…with love and gratitude Lisa Watson