I call this Lightspeak…

Good day…I seem to have enough to say to justify blogging in my heart, so here I go. Thanks in advance for being open minded and open hearted…”when I am in that place in me and you are in that place in you – we are one” . To my mind this is something I have been “driven” or “directed” to for a good long time and I am here, blowing through my ego/belief programs…thanks for giving me audience.

It’s a warm mid-November day…which never happens let alone the sublime weather we’ve had for the last 2 weeks and more…amen, amen, amen…God loves ya Canada and don’t you forget it!!! I loved the Facebook entry I saw today with a super hot shot of our prime minister…I’ve got to laugh with mucho mirth when I hear his lady love speak and see him dancing full tilt at an East Indian event and then they compare him to Harper…that totally made my day.

I’ve written and consulted around local music for In The Hills for some years and I assisted an article on alternative healing with them as well and ,where that might be my only valid credit save experience I will say I feel ready to speak some opinion here, where you can take it or leave it…I love this forum for this safe opportunity.

There is no doubt in my mind that I have orchestrated everything in my 58 years here…I’m a little weary for it but now a young crone, it’s wonderful to be able to look backward. I can’t say I wouldn’t change a thing…just being honest, but I will say – I did my best. I can and do pat myself on the back for that and I herein hope you do for your history as well. Please say you do? And breathe damn it! Breathe…

How tortured we’ve been. Living un-evolved to this industrialism when we should be drinking mineralized water dropping down from the hill in cupped hands and eating honey from the comb…outside always but to rest our heads while dogs chew on bones and watch our backs.

You’ll find a use dots a lot. Sorry. I love it so…

The good news is we are awakening to the concept that our lives have been railroaded by industrialism in to a corner where nothing it tries to explain away makes any sense anymore and we, I should say I, and I  will try to from hereon in, realize a. that we’ve been railroaded by a bunch of heads that don’t know any better that we do and b. I realize/come to the knowing, that I know better than they do…meaning the “heads”. Woow woow…I ? know better? I may offend with my next think, I’m afraid, and may just without really wanting to so read on if you will.

Mamograms spread cancer…

100 story buildings should not be built near airports

new babies should not be taken to the mall

all just my own think from my perch which is invariably different from another’s and I have so many other “opinions” I’m sure I could quite bore you.

I am so aware that there are extenuating circumstances to everything these days…after all, we are not evolved to this world we live in…asphalt and hermetically sealed everything.

Here I want to talk about energy. I doubt anyone would dispute that we are and of energy and everything is just energy vibrating at different speeds/frequencies and change begets a shift in energy so I will say in this my introductory Lightspeak issue, that I will refer to energy throughout and what we must understand is that we are creatures of change and while industry has us running in circles to affect it’s agenda we have forgotten our own. Breathe…and breathe again…

The learning curve of technology took much of the fun out of the inspiration of Mirthwalk for me but I’m feeling somewhat caught up and look forward to expounding the output of my study around Alternative healing or perhaps I should say Integrated healing or should I say Functional healing or should I say the conscious evolution of our well being on this planet…halleluia

’cause I hope you’ve made your decision to be mirthful for your stay here at Club Gaia…I just wanna kiss her heart – don’t you?  Amen…Aloha…Namaste



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