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Lisa WatsonAbout Us

…which should read about me I suppose. Lisa Watson, social entrepeneur, philanthropist, artist, music maker and lover of beautiful things.

Originally from Ottawa and Montreal, my hearth and home have been here in the hills of Caledon and the Orangeville area for around 35 years now. Here I’ve raised my family and made a myriad of friends and associations. I’ve written reviews of local music for 8 years for In The Hills magazine, a favourite quarterly country rag and I have played and presented music for several different occassions in the area, most predominately the Headwaters Arts Festival.

As a young mother wrestling with concepts around vaccines and other practices that directly impacted our family’s day to day, from food quality to emotional well being, I found myself testing several modalities of alternate healing and we have all benefited from the gems of info I collected over the years.

Fascinated, I have been drawn to make some of my best friends healers, whose council and compassion are a fountain of comfort and I continue to make study of the many emerging practices, some ancient with thousands of years proof and some new and almost beyond the understanding of any one other than scientists, some old wives and some other worldly.

It has been a wonderous journey so far for this 56 year old woman and I’m thrilled to pick up the inspiration to affect Mirthwalk and help anyone within the sound of my voice to participate.

I imagine Mirthwalk to go global one day but to date I have been collecting half of the monies from sales of my CDs and performances and write cheques to practitioners to help people with financial challenges afford to try alternatives. It is my great pleasure to put the army of healers we have in the area together with people who are struggling to get over health issues. I dream of an earthwalk that is mirthful – don’t you?

Please read everything on the website for the big picture and consider, also, checking out my music website at lisawatson.bandzoogle.com where you can hear some of the music I’ve been playing, see some of my artwork and generally find out where my head’s at. I hope you will also consider hosting fundraising salons. There are suggestions on the donations page.

With so much love and gratitude, Lisa Watson